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Services - Planet Testing In today’s dynamic and competitive markets, you need QA services and solutions that give you the ability to ramp-up quickly, with flexible engagement models Read more


Consultancy - Planet Infotech We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and our reputation to deliver. We have been providing test consultancy and advisory services to leading, global... Read more


Training - Planet Infotech Software Testing is an art and a science. While an individual can be trained on software testing principles, he/she should have a tester’s mindset with good... Read more

Test Automation

Test Automation- Planet Infotech Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to identify where and how improvements can be achieved as well as making recommendations... Read more

Globalization Testing

Globalization Testing - Planer Infotech Globalization has become one of the core areas of software testing given how products are reaching out to global markets and launching in several localized versions. .. Read more

Performance Testing

Performance Testing - Planet Infotech One of the toughest challenges companies face today involves achieving and maintaining their business’s mission critical applications at peak performance... Read more

Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing - Planet Infotech “Testing in Cloud” is a term that can be inferred in various ways. At Planet Infotech, we leverage the cloud to augment our test services empowering us to improve our testing efficiencies ... Read more

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